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Privacy Policy

About the All Contents of the Website and My Related some SNS,
You need to Contact and Receive the Permissions by Junya Komori for Request.

  Policy about Rights of Music and Other Contents.
1       I used the Photo and Picture from Stock Service.
  However, you can't the contents are using with unauthorized copying.
  That's meaning if you want to get the photo and Picture (Not my Works), you must directly downloads from Stock Services.
2       About my Works (Music and Sound Content by Created by me, and Videos with my editing), you can use with my permission.
  For the getting the Permission, You need to something approach to me (Contact-form in this Website,
  SNS, and my accounts in other Contents/Services etc..).
3       Privacy Policy has possible to change by something reasons. In the case, previous notification is not delivered.
  Therefore, when you wish to do something with my works, you must confirm the latest Privacy Policy in this Website.

All Unlawful Harassment Prohibited 
      Welcome to my website.
      Please note that I am committed to providing a web presence that is free from unlawful harassment.
I strictly prohibit and do not tolerate unlawful         
harassment against anyone seeking to explore my web and social media experiences.
I will not permit any harassment on the basis of a person’s:

• Race.
• Religious creed, including:
◦ religious belief, observance and practice; and
◦ dress or grooming practices.
• Color.
• National origin.
• Ancestry.
• Physical disability.
• Mental disability.
• Medical condition, including:
◦ any cancer-related physical or mental health impairment from a diagnosis, record or history of cancer; or
◦ a genetic characteristic.
• Genetic information, including information about:
◦ an individual’s genetic tests;
◦ family members’ genetic tests;
◦ family members’ diseases or disorders;
◦ an individual’s or family member’s receipt of, or request for, genetic services; and
◦ participation by an individual or their family member in clinical research that includes genetic services.
• Marital status.
• Sex, including:
◦ pregnancy;
◦ childbirth; or
◦ medical condition related to pregnancy, childbirth, or breast feeding.

• Gender.
• Gender identity, meaning a person’s identification as male, female, a gender different from the person’s sex at birth, or transgender.
• Gender expression, meaning a person’s gender-related appearance or behavior,
whether or not stereotypically associated with the person’s sex at birth.
• Age (40 or older).
• Sexual orientation, including:
◦ heterosexuality;
◦ homosexuality; and
◦ bisexuality.
• Military and veteran status.
• Or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, California state, or local law.
I also prohibit and will not tolerate unlawful harassment against anyone who is perceived to have any of these characteristics.

Please note that this list is illustrative only, and not exhaustive. No form of harassment will be tolerated.

Sexual Harassment

I also prohibit any harassment based on an individual’s sex (including that individual’s pregnancy,
childbirth, breastfeeding, or medical conditions relating to pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding),
sexual orientation or gender (including that individual’s gender identity and gender expression)
and regardless of the harasser’s sex or gender.

Sexual harassment is illegal and also against my website and social media policies.

Sexual harassment means any harassment based on someone’s sex, sexual orientation, or gender, as described in this policy.

It includes harassment that is not sexual in nature (for example, offensive remarks about an individual’s sex or gender),
as well as any unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors or any other conduct of a sexual nature.

I will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment, regardless of whether it is:
• Verbal (for example, epithets, derogatory statements, slurs, sexually-related comments or jokes,
suggestive or obscene letters, unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors).
• Physical (for example, assault, inappropriate physical contact or impeding or blocking movements).
• Visual (for example, displaying sexually suggestive posters cartoons or drawings,
sending inappropriate adult-themed gifts, leering or making sexual gestures).
• Retaliatory (for example, threatening retaliation or taking retaliatory action).

This list is illustrative only, and not exhaustive. No form of sexual harassment will be tolerated.

No Retaliation

No one will be subject to, and I prohibit, any form of discipline, reprisal, intimidation
or retaliation for good faith reporting of incidents of harassment of any kind,
pursuing any harassment claim or cooperating in related investigations.

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