Junya Komori Official


Achievements of something I engaged the Projects.

Provided some tracks to Epic Music VN X of Epic Music VN on YouTube.
I appreciate for uploading by Epic Music VN. I'm Really Thankful!

Provided the some (aboutly 12 tracks) music tracks to Epic Music Channel "Dragon Music CB" in YouTube.
Cautions: Producer has already retired and Channel was deleted.

Provided the music to the Yosakoi Festival "紀州よさこい祭~おどるんや~" for 2018 year.

About this stage-version, My credit is Composition/Lyrics.
Arrangement/Mixing/Mastering etc. are dealt with "G.SUIGUN".
Thank you for Great Jobs!

Outsourcing Contract with the some Companies of Music, from the past to the current.

Registered a lot of the music tracks to the some Music Libraries.

and more..

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