Junya Komori Official


I was born in Japan,
and have encountered some impossibles.

Greetings, my name is Junya Komori.
I'm a composer from Japan.
As serve as multiple positions
such like a sound designer, 
multi-instrumentalist, and photo-video editor etc.
I put a importance for that
music has uniques.
Reason as I think music composition should to be 
thing with funning as elementary.
However, also I think music composition
should to be professional way.
I'm doing my activity with both of the things.

I'm a self-taught composer, and player.
In the fact, I learned musicology in school,
however my originality has kept by my only efforts.
My Music has used in many locations, ways, and markets.
Fortunately, I have never filled in my mind.
Therefore, my music is going to do the growth forever.

Appreciate for your reading.

Junya Komori         

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